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Retail and storage systems industry

The Art in Storage Systems
slotted angle system

Slotted angle system

Reliable and cost-effective solution for storage 

The slotted angle system is the time-consuming and economical solution for storage in any professional and private space where no special loading conditions are required. 

wall shelving

Wall Shelving

One system, countless combinations... 

The system applies to every wall for storage or decorative use. It constitutes of stanchions that are supported on the wall with UPAT and arms that are placed on the height you desire.

projection selving

Super Market Shelves

Retail and wholesale projection system

Articulated system developed from highly quality steel, with intensive quality controls. Its designing comes to cover the needs of the retail/wholesale shops with three “on shelf” properties, (Storage – Projection – Selling).


Slat  Wall & Panel

Ideal for many categories of goods

The right presentation for many product groups. It creates a more familiar environment and highlights the objects within it.

midi and pallet racks

Midi and Pallet Racks

For heavy, bulky items & pallets

Depending on their use, they are distinguished in the following categories: midi racks, pallet racks & picking racks.

pet shop shelves


What a pet shop needs

Pet - shop is a separate retail class with particular requirements in design and implementation.

projection stands

Constructions on Demand

Design and implementation

We manufacture what the customer needs for the available space and products.

shop accessories

Shop accessories

Proper visibility and customer service

What the store needs for the right product view and customer service.

Project design

The complete study...
shop top view

Top view

First layout

In the first layout the customer can see the shop floor plan with the equipment placed in the room and the analysis of the structure.

shop 3d design

3D design

Impression in 3 dimensions

The three-dimensional design helps the customer to have a good understanding of the space with the shelf assemblies while being able to control the distribution of the goods.

Shop 3d render

3D Render

Photorealistic imprinting

Realistic imprinting gives us the image of the project not as imagined but as it should be in accordance with its design.

Every store is a business whose goal is to generate profits. Part of our work is to provide you with all the support you need to reach this goal successfully. Contact us for your own store.

Aluminium Products

For companies, freelancers and individuals ...

aluminium pallets

Aluminium pallets

Load capacity 300-2000kg

In various types for full coverage of every need. Necessary in food and pharmaceutical companies.

aluminum boxes for moto and every use

Aluminium motoboxes

Reliable transport at affordable prices

Silicone sealing. Side and Top case. Handles for luggage fitting. With simple or key lock.Weatherproof.

aluminum boxes for moto and every use

Aluminium boxes

Capacity and reliability

The safest way to transport objects that require special attention. Silicone sealing. Weatherproof.

aluminum boxes for moto and every use

Documents safety box

Also you can use it as voting ballot

Easy transportation. Compact.Features handles and wheels. Aesthetics

parking protectors-ramps-barriers

Multipurpose ramps

For everyday transport needs

Ideal for moving people, motorcycles and small machines. Resistance to a static load of 500 kg.

parking protectors-ramps-barriers

Parking protectors

Three types of protectors

Easy to use due to light weight. Corrosion resistance.

parking protectors-ramps-cordon

Aluminium Cordon

Easy and fast placement

Lightweight barriers. Easy to set up and clean. Maintenance-free.

fruit picking stands

Alum. fruit picking stands

For safe fruit harvesting

Foldable aluminium stands.A safe way to harvest fruit. Anti-slip deck.

aluminum boxes and trolleys

Aluminium trolleys


The easy way to get where you want items is difficult to transport. Corrosion resistance.

work bench

Collapsible workbench

Transportable and foldable

Aluminium leg structure and 30 mm beech plywood. Thanks to the strength of the beech benchtop and the stable aluminium frame it's maximum loading is 350 kg.

aluminium foldable scaffolding

Foldable scaffolding

Light weight and transportable

This secure working platform offers a construction for usage at home as well as professionals.

scaffolding system 12 in 1 !!!

Scaffolding system 12 in 1 !!!!

For work on trucks, buildings, etc.

Aluminium. Easy transportation. 12 different working heights. Necessary when precision is required.

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